By Ashok Sinha, Founder, Cartwheel Initiative

Last weekend, fellow Cartwheeler Geoff Green and I traveled to the community of Rockaway Beach to volunteer our efforts to a community affected immensely by Hurricane Sandy.  We both wanted to contribute our skills as photographers, and provided affected homeowners with photographs of their property damage for insurance claims.  After a whole day of meeting local residents, going into their homes and seeing the destruction firsthand, we were overwhelmed but happy that we could do our part, no matter how small.

As a New York-based organization, the Cartwheel Initiative has been closely following Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. We’ve been encouraged by the government’s response, and inspired by spontaneous efforts by individuals and ad hoc groups to assist those in need. But the road to recovery will be long and difficult.

FEMA has released some handy tips for helping children to physically and emotionally cope with this disaster. We encourage parents and educators to have a look.

Some more images by Geoff and I are below.