Text by Julia Himmel / Josephine Herrick Project
Photos by Ashok Sinha / Cartwheel Initiative and Julia Himmel

This week, Ashok Sinha and our guest lecturer, renowned photographer and Board member Deborah Feingold talked portraiture.

Deborah began the session by explaining the essence of a portrait and what different types of light do to a face and how that affects the mood of a photograph. She then explained to the students how important light is when taking any photograph, especially portraits. Some of the students then volunteered to have their photos taken in different examples of light while the other students took portraits of them one at a time. During this activity, the students kept mentioning how they could see the different types of light were affecting the subjects’ faces and, in turn, the photographs they were taking of them.

The last activity of the day was a photo studio booth setup in which the students’ resulting portraits were to be used in the collaborative stop motion workshop next week. Ashok photographed each student in a number of predefined poses. The students were working together to choose poses and instructing each other how to stand in the right positions and they really seemed to enjoy this activity. I think the students will be even more pleased with the activity when we cut out these portraits of them into small figures and make stop motion videos of them next week!

This ongoing program at the International High School is possible due to a collaboration between The Cartwheel Initiative, Josephine Herrick Project and The Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York.