The Cartwheel team members who are traveling to Sri Lanka this summer
for our second field project met with the Children’s Museum of the
Arts (CMA) on February 25 for a workshop on stop-motion film making,
which will be part of our teaching curriculum this year.

Joe Vena, CMA’s Media Labs creative director, along with instructor
and visual artist Emily Collins, took us through an orientation of
what a typical classroom experience looks like. We viewed examples of
professional and student films and then, after instruction, went on to
create mini-films for ourselves. At the end of the workshop CMA
generously presented us with two pre-used Apple computers for our
summer workshop. Joe invited us back later in the month to observe a
week-long workshop on stop-motion.

The possibilities of this year’s project are so exciting and we look forward to our collaboration with the CMA!

To watch a clip of some of the first films we made, click here: