Animating Journeys From Home to the US in Week Three of “I Have a Voice”

In the third week of “I Have A Voice” we focused our attention on the students’ journeys from their home countries to the U.S. Building on the animation skills learned in week two, students worked on animating dotted lines exiting their home countries and entering New York City. Each student received a print-out of their home country and roughly 15 sticky dots to create the trajectory. With this simple exercise, students were able to tell an important part of their experience as international students—the process of leaving their homes.

After animating the journeys, we gathered as a group in the hallway in front of a beautiful world map to animate all of their traveling lines converging toward New York City! This was an engaging group activity and everyone participated simultaneously. Each student was given 24 sticky dots and had to plot their journey, one dot at a time!