During week four of CMA’s I Have A Voice collaboration with The Cartwheel Initiative, students were asked to step in front of the mic and tell their story of moving to the US. Each participant started by describing his or her home country, family, and school and his or her experience growing up in their home country.

When asked about what it was like to move to the US, students told incredible stories of determination and hope. While most were anxious and a bit afraid to move away from home—in many cases leaving their families behind—they all believed that moving to the US meant they would have better educational and career opportunities. In so many ways, their image of this country is one of freedom and opportunity and they have all stepped into our community with the determination to work hard and make their ideas a reality.

While each student went into the recording session, the rest of the class continued to work on animating dotted lines showing their journeys to the US. For it being just the third week of animating, it is impressive to see how quickly everyone has become familiar with the concept and technique of animation, and how they are taking more initiative in their projects. We will next jump into a photography workshop over the next two weeks!