After a two week delay due to an electrical fire in the school, our Spring workshops have finally started!  

We are excited to have new students who come from West Africa and the Caribbean.  The class started with our founder Ashok Sinha explaining what Cartwheel Initiative was all about, and then each student introduced himself/herself and explained the reasons why he/she had signed up for the program. We then showed what last year's students had accomplished  to help this new group better understand our expectations regarding their own work.

New cameras were given out to the students and we then showed them how to use them.  They left class with an assignment for the next workshop - a list of the 10 specific pictures they’ll have to take to start telling their personal story.

Thanks to Cartwheel team members Olivier Bailliard and Deborah Feingold and Susan Sherman from International High School for making sure students received one-on-one attention.

We are off to a good start.